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The Auditorium Ballroom La Salle

Allyson, Steven and Jasper – A Couples Session

This adorable couple recently got married and then added Mr. Jasper to their home! They wanted to get a couples photography session for their holiday cards and also didn’t want to have to deal with this crazy cold here in the midwest. We called up our friends over at The Auditorium Ballroom in La Salle and they were so gracious as to have us to do this session at their unique venue! We were pretty stoked about it, that’s for sure! We had such a fun time and were able to get a great mix of traditional photos as well as some of those fun artsy ones too! ( Because who doesn’t want a sweet silhouette shot ?! )

Jasper was just the goodest boy! I mean look at that smile! The exposed brick really bring out those eyes too! I, Alysia Rose Photo, do solemnly swear to love your pets as much as I love you humans.

Looking for a fun, unique, edgy venue for your next event? Definitely check out The Auditorium Ballroom here. And then call me so I can come with you!

Couples sessions, engagement sessions, family sessions and weddings are beautiful at the Lasalle Ballroom!

Think about this too, maybe you’re not married or engaged. That doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing images of you with your special person! I absolutely love couples sessions where we are capturing and celebrating that joy and love in your life right now in this moment.

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